The Darlow pants are designed to be close fitting through the waist and hips and then to ease into a more loose and relaxed fit through the leg. As these pants are made up of lots of uniquely shaped panels, it can be a little tricky to grade between sizes.

There is a FIT KIT available to assist with some common adjustments that you may need to get an ideal fit for your body. The FIT KIT will help you lengthen or shorten the overall length of the pants, lengthen or shorten the front crotch and back crotch, adjust the hip to waist ratio and adjust for a full tummy. To select your size, start with your hip measurement. Next, take your waist measurement and use this to determine what size waistband to cut. If your waist and hip measurements put you into two different sizes, you will need to make some adjustments. See the FIT KIT for advice on how to make changes according to the amount of difference between the hip and waist sizes.