The vision

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Do you dream of making a wardrobe that is full of garments that you love for the way they fit your body and the way they make you feel? Pieces that you can wear in your busy life - to work, at home, out with friends. Pieces that ease effortlessly between all the spaces you inhabit.

In 2015, when the idea of starting In the Folds was just a seedling, I saw an opportunity to create patterns that would help makers create beautiful and timeless garments. The patterns are not just a tool to get you to the end result (a finished garment), but a resource to support you to slow down and enjoy the process of making a beautiful and considered handmade wardrobe. It is my hope that by making your own clothes you can slow down, celebrate every stitch, learn something new and appreciate the amazing things you can do with your hands.

The In the Folds design aesthetic leans heavily towards the everyday. They’re pieces that will fit comfortably into your wardrobe, but will stand out with their interesting and refined details - timeless, yet modern - beautiful, yet understated. Finishes are thoughtful and considered - helping you to create garments that are beautiful both inside and out and teaching you the skills to make clothing that will last.


It is my belief that if garments are made well, we take better care of them, forming stronger bonds and ties with them, cherishing them long into the future. I don’t start (or continue) working on a design without this concept at the forefront of my mind. I aim to create patterns that are ‘work-horses’ that will be made and worn over and over.

I believe in thoughtful and intentional consumption. It is important to make decisions about what we wear carefully and mindfully - considering people and planet in the decisions we make. By making garments that fit well and make us feel great, we will require less. I dream of helping makers create a small curated wardrobe of garments that they can be proud of and feel comfortable to wear daily. For me, clothing is more than the fabric we wrap ourselves in, but the shield we choose to wear as we step out into the world. It is a form of self-expression and a way to connect with others. For this reason, in 2016 I started ‘Makers for Fashion Revolution’ to promote the amazing initiative - Fashion Revolution - in the sewing community.

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About the patterns

In the Folds patterns are not patterns that you can make in an hour or two, and they’re not supposed to be. Through the design, detailing and finishing techniques, they have been created to help you slow down and enjoy the process of making.

Each pattern is designed with longevity in mind - made to be used again and again - adapted to fit your style, taste and body shape.

What can you expect from an In the Folds pattern?

  • A pattern that is beautifully drafted and available in a broad range of sizes (Australian size 6-24). For more information on sizing, please look here   

  • Thoughtfully designed with unexpected detailing

  • A versatile pattern with room for you to make your own

  • A project that can be as simple or as challenging as you would like to make it

  • A pattern that will teach you a new technique (or hopefully more)

  • Instructions that will help you get a beautiful high-end finish and encourage you to push yourself into unknown territory

  • Step-by-step tutorials and sew-alongs that will give you helpful hints and tips that will help you in future projects. For sew-alongs look here

Would you like to try one of my patterns for free? Check out the collection here.