The Acton : Tester round-up

As you have probably seen by now, last week I released The Acton dress pattern. This pattern was a long time in the works, as I really wanted to fine tune my process, so there was  a lot of learning and experimenting to be done. I tested the pattern earlier this year, along with some incredible makers, and today is the day that I can finally share these pictures with you (I know they are all pumped to finally share their Actons too!) and a few of the comments that were made about the pattern.

Andreia - In a Manner of Sewing


"The pattern is perfectly designed and i really need to try it on a fabric that is more suited for my skills, because all the notches, pivots, seam allowances match so perfectly it´s just impossible not to enjoy sewing it."

Check out Andreia's blog (and Acton review) here

Henna - Stitch Study

"I like that you listed the pages I needed to print for my view and size. I just plugged it in and printed, and everything was there. I also like that the pattern is arranged in chunks. I have limited space for taping, so this helped tremendously."

Check out Henna's blog here

Erin - Brooklyn Pattern Co

 "What I liked about making the Acton was how well the pieces came together. It made it very satisfying to finish with all things lining up. I really nailed the CF point and that felt great."

Check out Erin's blog here

Megan - Pigeon Wishes


"I love the way this dress fits on a pear shape and I think the bodice is really flattering. The skirt hangs in a very elegant way and moves beautifully (I made my garment in Cupro so it feels very floaty too)."

Check out Megan's blog here

Sue - Sewin' Steady

"It's a unique bodice style for me, not falling across the natural waistline, and I think the result is flattering, helping the skirt skim across any lumps and bumps in ones midsection. I also appreciate the princess seams making it easy to adjust the fit."

Check out Sue's blog (and Acton review) here.

Shannon - Adventures in Ordinary

"Really like the shaped, paneled bodice and A-line skirt. I think it'll look good in various lengths, too (I have a maxi-length in mind next!)."

Check out Shannon's blog here.

Katina - I'm Not Tina Wheeze

"I like the option of having the sizes on different layers (although I didn't use it because I got my husband to print it for me this time and didn't want to complicate the request). I also really like the way the pieces were arranged so you could just tape together the pattern parts that you needed."

Check out Katina's blog here

Helen - Helen's Closet

"The Acton dress is very figure flattering and comfortable to wear. I can even wear it bra-less because I chose a heavier fabric! The length is very nice, not too short or too long. I love the princess seams and the tiny straps. The way the straps angle up towards the neck is beautiful."

Check out Helen's blog here

Kate - Sewing with Kate

"I enjoyed the second version much more. It came together very quickly. I have never sewn a princess seam bodice before. I thought it would be hard. It wasn't!"

Check out Kate's blog (and Acton review) here

Caz - Useful Box

"Emily - I love your patterns and how they fit together. Especially how the corners are prepared and then fit together nicely. It reminds me of all my pattern making classes at college. They appeal to my logical brain! ... I love the princess bust line - that fits me perfectly. I also love how the bodice to waist seam is so flattering. I also love there is lots of room in the skirt for hips and bumpy tummies. Also love the pockets - everything should have a pocket!"

Check out Caz's blog here

Åsa Maria - Made by A M Borg

"I especially like the a-line skirt and the narrow neckline and the shape of the bodice. I feel very comfortable in this "shape". Looking forward to summer here in Norway so I get to use it. It's way to cold here now."

Check out Åsa Maria's blog (and Acton review) here. 

Suzanne - Dressed in Pretty Little Things

"The Acton dress is exactly what I have come to expect from an indie sewing pattern, well executed with a whole lot of love and attention behind it... I really like the fit of this pattern, being bigger busted I normally avoid higher necklines and under bust seams as they normally sit on top of my bust. But this a beautifully drafted pattern."

Check out Suzanne's blog here

Sarah Walker 


"I love bodices that are shaped with seams rather than darts - somehow just more satisfying to sew. And the lined bodice meant sewing was quick as you didn't need to worry about finishing seams... I love the design - it's actually different, rather than another fit and flare dress, and the instructions strike a good balance between explaining the steps and understanding nobody wants to spend half of their sewing time reading!"

Marie-Fleurine - Sew Marie Fleur

"The fit is great, I love having the pattern both with and without seam allowances and the instructions are detailed. It's definitely one of the indie patterns with high quality fit and instructions."

Check out Marie-Fleurine's blog (and Acton review) here.

Cindy - Caliana Design

"It is super detailed and each notches line up perfectly. As I made my muslin and my final dress, I thought how quick and simple it seemed to be when I was sewing it together. After the initial fit issues, I was able to complete the dress in less than 2 hours, kids interruption included ;)."

Check out Cindy's blog here.

Lilith - Old Maiden Aunt

**Lilith added an extension to the bodice. This section is not part of the pattern.  

"I learned a couple of things about curved seams as it's my first time sewing a fitted bodice that joins a curved line to a straight line (joining the two front bodice pieces together) - it creates a really flattering fit!"

Check out Lilith's blog here

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