A round-up of Rushcutters

When I decided to start a business creating sewing patterns, I never in a million years could have imagined what it would feel like to see people actually using the pattern I made to make a garment. Back then it was a very distant concept, one that I had no way of visualising. Even when I put the pattern through testing, I couldn't imagine what it was going to be like to see women of all different shapes and sizes, styles and tastes, sew up one of my dresses. I sat around nervously waiting for the feedback. I had spent so much time perfecting the pattern, and I was so nervous there would be something I had somehow not thought of or missed. 

Image credit: Sweet Red Poppy

When the first image arrived in my inbox (image care of Sweet Red Poppy), I squealed in delight. Someone had actually used my pattern to make a dress that fit them!  


(Images : In a Manner of Sewing / Right : Pigeon Wishes)

I couldn't believe how different each dress looked, and how each tester had really made the dress their own. 

Now, six months on, more photos have been popping up and I thought I'd share them with you, as an ode to all the incredible women who have sewn my pattern!

The Indie Sew Spring Collection

As you may have seen, the Rushcutter was included in the Indie Sew Spring Collection, which meant some amazing bloggers made the Rushcutter as part of the release.


(Image: Indiesew)

Allie, from Indiesew, made the most beautiful Rushcutter for the collection lookbook. I just love how she used the reverse of the fabric as a contrast feature on the pockets and centre front panel. 

Fleurine from Sew Marie Fleur

(Image: Sew Marie Fluer)

Fleurine was one of the bloggers who chose to sew the Rushcutter as part of the blog tour. She made the sleeveless version (View B) and made the yoke in a contrasting fabric, which really is a beautiful touch. 

(Image: Sew Marie Fluer)

I was just so blown away by her photographs. She bravely went out in the cold to get these incredible shots (she lives in northern Norway). That's true dedication to sewing, right?

Beth from Sew DIY

(Images: Sew DIY)

Although Beth was part of the Indiesew blog tour (because her lovely Lou Box Top was also part of the collection), she didn't make the Ruscutter, as she had already made it a few weeks earlier. Late last year, Beth and I decided it would be fun to do a little pattern swap. I made her Lou Box top (which I'm wearing right now as I type), and she made this beautiful Rushcutter

Kate from Sewing with Kate


(Images: Sewing with Kate)

I am lucky enough to call the lovely Kate, from Sewing with Kate, a close friend. We met on Instagram, and then realised we were lucky enough to live very close to one another! She made this beautiful long sleeved Rushcutter from a second hand fabric find, which I just love. 


(Image: @asamariaborg)

(Image: @eclare71)

Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do, you may have seen a few of these Rushcutters. But I thought I'd share them again, because they are just so lovely!

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 2.20.06 PM.png

(Image: @fruitvore)

(Image: @thefoldline)

Over to you

Have you made a Rushcutter? I would just love to see it! You can tag your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #therushcutter or send me an email if you're not Instagram.