In the Folds just turned three!


Happy Friday lovely sewing friends!

I wanted to write a little post today about a big milestone I just reached, as I think it’s really important to celebrate when we can, right? Running a business is a hard slog and I think it’s good to stop and take stock for a moment sometimes. Especially when the milestone is an anniversary for your business! This past week marks three years since I started In the Folds. Yay!

First of all, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for supporting my business by purchasing my patterns and spreading the word on your blogs and social media about In the Folds patterns. Every day I am lucky enough to see garments made from my patterns and I will be forever grateful for that. When I started the business, I could never have imagined how many people would be making my patterns and that it would become a standard day to see multiple versions of a pattern shared on social media each day. What a dream!

In the Folds.jpg

For any of you who has poured your heart and soul into running a business, you will know what a rollercoaster ride it can be. No two days are ever the same and suddenly you're having to learn how to wear all the hats. When I started this business I had envisaged spending all my days on my sewing machine, but the reality is that most of my time is spent behind my computer. Thankfully though, I get such pleasure and joy from the process, and although I'm not sewing as much as I'd like to, I hope all the work I put in to creating my patterns means you are spending more time at your sewing machine!

I like to think of anniversaries as a time to look back and celebrate the wins. It is so easy to get caught up chasing the next goal, without taking a moment to enjoy the achievement of reaching the last. I am incredibly guilty of this mentality, so I wanted to take pause on this significant milestone and share some wins with you!

In the Folds patterns.jpg

Some highlights from the last three years are:

  • Creating three sewing patterns under the name 'In the Folds.' Although this is nowhere near the number of patterns I had hoped to produce in this time, I am so proud of these patterns and the response to them so far. By creating these patterns I have learned so much, connected with so many people and really nailed my process and workflow. Hopefully over the next three years I can make many more!

In the Folds x Peppermint.jpg
  • Creating ten sewing patterns in collaboration with Peppermint Magazine. When I started my business this was not part of the plan, but when I reached out to Peppermint Magazine to see if they needed a pattern maker, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they were! This is a constant reminder that it's always worth it to just reach out. You never know what could happen!

    All these patterns are available for free download and this opportunity has definitely helped me get my name out there. It has been incredible to be able to provide free patterns to all of you so that you can give one of my patterns a go. It also gives me a chance to work on my processes and also my design skills, as it’s always a little different designing with a brief and a deadline (quite different to how I work for the patterns I release independently). These patterns have all been received really well and I love how timeless they all are. I hope to see many more versions in the future!

  • Getting my patterns into print by running a successful Kickstarter campaign. This was by far the most challenging thing I have done so far in my business, but it was also the most rewarding. Seeing how much interest there was in my printed patterns was just what I needed to get this project over the line. It also gave me an opportunity to start wholesaling my patterns to stockists - which has been great. Thank you to all of those who helped me achieve this milestone - I could not have done it without you!

  • Celebrating launching my printed patterns with an awesome party at The Fabric Store. I am so often celebrating my big milestones sitting behind a screen (like now), so it was amazing to be able to celebrate this one with friends - old and new - and do something really special to mark the occasion.

  • Being invited to tell my story on two podcasts. One in the early stages with Ani of Close Knit, and the other with Love to Sew podcast during my Kickstarter campaign.

  • And last but definitely not least, connecting with so many like-minded people both in person and online. Meeting you all has made me feel like I have the best job in the world!

To finish up, I'd love to say thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last three years, by gifting you with a discount code.

The code 'HAPPY20' will give you 20% off any of my digital patterns between now and Sunday October 28 at 11.59pm AEST. Happy sewing!