Name: Eliza J.

Eliza J.

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Blog, website and/or Instagram handle: @eliza.jay

Tell me a bit about yourself: I am a maker living on the East Coast of Canada. I love knitting, sewing, and all things crafty. I believe that creativity is a practice, not an intrinsic skill that people either do or don't have and that cultivating creativity in our lives is the key to facing uncertain futures in the world. Living a creative life is also important to me as a way to create balance between work and life and avoid burnout. Because of this, I work to find little ways to be creative every day.

I share a home with my partner and an orange cat named Sam.

What In the Folds size do you wear? (Very few of us fit into a pattern straight out of the envelope. You can choose as many of these as you need). Size G

What bust cup size do you normally make / wear? B cup

Which pattern did you use? Peppermint jumpsuit

What type of fabric did you make the garment/s from?: Light blue linen/cotton slub.

What alterations (if any) did you make to the pattern/s? None. Initially I thought I wanted to taper the leg, as I thought I'd prefer it over the wide leg. I sewed it up with the wide leg and intended to take it in after but ended up really liking the wider leg with the overall fit of the garment.

If you made this pattern/s again, would you do anything differently? Upgrade the fabric I used! I used a pretty cheap fabric from Fabricville due to the quantity required and not being sure whether or not it would look good on me. However, I think this will be a tried-and-true pattern that I want to make multiples of.

I would also take a bit more time with making sure the "v" was lined up and accurate. Mine was a bit off center when sewing the facing in, and it looks fine but next time I want something a little more crisp.

Finally, I think I'd like to try french seams on this. I used a zig zag stitch to finish the seam allowance and it is becoming a frayed mess (nothing to do with the pattern, however).

What would be your top tip for other makers using this pattern/s? Hand baste that zipper! I had never done an invisible zipper before this pattern, and it really helped to have everything secured before sewing it in.

Also, don’t be afraid of the "burrito" steps. Everything becomes clear and the instructions are really helpful!

I'd love to hear about a happy memory from when you made or wore this garment or garments! I made the Peppermint Jumpsuit to wear to my mom's graduation from university. I wanted something easy and breezy that was also stylish and could be dressed up. It was the perfect outfit for the occasion and I felt so comfortable and confident in it. I also made my mom's dress, and it was so fun to have me-made outfits for the day. I think she really felt the love and pride I had for her in this moment.

What do you love most about In the Folds patterns? Very clear instructions. Emily was also super helpful and quick to respond when I emailed her with questions about the pattern. Finally, I just love the style of the garment, and how it was flattering for someone like me who is curvier and tall. I think these patterns are very versatile in who they are flattering for.


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